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Madison Ave. Casting & Services

“Creative voice casting for creative people”



In Studio Casting & Demo Recommends

There’s a lot more to casting than just checking off a list of specs ie: Can the talent handle the job? Is the talent the right fit? Do they have any conflicts? Are they experienced enough? Will they work for the rate you’re offering? Are they even available on the record date?

At Madison Ave Casting we check important details before you end up falling in love with a voice you can’t have.

TV, radio, internet, video games, voice matching, narrations, animations, dubbing, lifestyle television, versioning, merchandise, phone systems, ADR, books on tapes.. you get the idea.

Agent Auditions, Auditions Prep & International Voices

The following services include checking talent availability, conflicts and relaying booking details. more importantly we offer casting guidance and advice tailored to an individual project. Personalized service for a nominal fee…. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

Agent Auditions

Need a quick turn around and would like to hear Agent auditions? calling directly seems like a good enough plan but do you have the time to listen to all the submissions and narrow the list down to the top contenders?
Let Gayle do the listening and sorting through the many voices. She will narrow down the list and give you casting feedback.. As they say “time is money”. You can put that time towards other areas of your project and rest assured the casting job is handled.

In Studio Voice Casting

If you need a voice and want to hear the right talent read your script with your specs but directed by a Casting Director, then Gayle will cast in studio and burn around auditions in record time!

Demo Recommends – Voice2GoCasting!

Need a voice for your project but would prefer demo recs to save on time cost and red tape? Gayle will compile demo recs for you and send you a link with notes, suggestions and demos and in record time! Send us your specs and well do the rest!

Audition Prep

You know what you’re looking for and would like to run the casting session direct the talent yourself but don’t necessarily know who to bring in. We will prep the session for you! We will find the right talent, check conflicts. avails and call out the times for your in house auditions. All you have to do is keep an eye out for the email that we’ll send you with the names, times and confirmed talent. Then direct away! If we build it they will come!

International Voices

We have gone to great lengths to find the right voices for every project! This has never been more true than with some of the international voices we have the pleasure to find! Let’s just say that Gayle has learned to say “thank you” in multiple languages instead of just two! .. “Mahalo” and goodnite!

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